What is Ask.fm? It is a social network based in Latvia and launched in 2010. Since then it has become so popular all over the world. The reason for this success is quite simple. This network allows anyone post anonymous questions to all Ask.fm users. There is no restrictions what kind of questions can be asked, so many users sometimes are getting quite offensive ones. Sometimes questions are very personal and you start wondering “Who could ask such a thing?”, or “From where he knows about that?!”.

This social network has more than 65 million users around the world. And we are absolutely sure that everyone of them had one moment of wonder who have asked that. For this reason we decided to create Premium Ask.fm Tracker, which will let everyone to find out who have asked certain questions.

You might ask us, how did we manage to create such a software? At this point we can just say that Ask.fm guys can check every question and answer author IP address, username and other info. So all we had to do was to find the way to access this data. As you can see we have succeed. How we done that? Sorry, but that information cannot be disclosed for several reason. Ask.fm might change their system or we can get more competitors.

  • Program working on all versions of Windows operating systems. Mac and Linux coming soon!
  • No installation needed
  • Tracks user IP address, connection address
  • Tracks user Ask.fm ID, if he has an account
  • Connection to Ask.fm database isĀ processing through a proxy
  • Constantly updated with the newest version of Ask.fm
  • Easy to use
  • 100% SECURE

  • Download Ask.fm Premium Tracker fom one of file hosting services
  • Open program
  • Paste the question link to text form
  • Push “Track” button
  • Download the text file with extracted question author’s IP address, connection address, Ask.fm ID

Askfm tracking author


Download Ask.fm Premium IP & ID Tracker

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Are you satisfied with this service? Do not hesitate to write your experience using Premium Ask.fm Tracker. The best stories will be posted right here! Maybe something didn’t work for you, then we would be very grateful if you could inform us about that because Ask.fm network update can occur any day and sometimes that might trigger some Tracker updates too.

Finally, if you are happy with Premium Ask.fm IP & ID Tracker share this page on Facebook, Twitter, and etc. We are glad that we could help you!

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